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— App Basics - How it Works —

Step 1

Download aMobile Coupon App

Download the aMobile Coupon™ App!

Available soon on Google Play™ and the App Store™

Step 2

Scan Product Barcode

Scan a Product

Launch the aMobile Coupon™ App from your Smart Phone, tap "Scan" and aim at the Barcode on any Product to instantly access coupons from our national and regional databases! Finding coupons has never been quicker or easier!

Step 3

Select Coupon

Select your Coupons

A list of coupons associated is displayed on your Smart Phone. These coupons are associated with Product you scanned and similar/related Products. Simply Tap the coupon or coupons you would like to use to add them to your Cart, then continue shopping. aMobile Coupon helps you save more so you can buy more!

Step 4

Checkout with QRCode

Finished Shopping

When you're finished shopping and ready to checkout at the register, review your Coupons on the "Cart" screen then click the "Checkout" button to generate a QRCode that contains all of your selected coupons. Present the QRCode for the Grocery Clerk to scan to apply the savings from ALL of your coupons instantly!

— Other Features —

Coupons made Convenient

Scan or Search by Product

Scan the UPC on a Product

We'll provide you with a list of Coupons! Not just for the Product you scanned, but for competing and similar Products. Select the coupon for the Product you scanned (or for a Product from a competing Manufacturer) for instant savings!

Search by Keyword

Want to see the best deals for a type of Product without scanning a UPC? Access our Coupon database by typing a keyword into our search box to generate a list of the best deals available.

Create a Grocery List

Type up a quick Grocery List for quick access to relevant Manufacturers Coupons for the Products in your list. Be as vague or specific as you like - your Grocery List may contain specific Product names or generic keywords like "Milk", "Rice", or "Toothpaste".

Shop your way!

Location Detection

Location-Detect the store you're already in

Don't bother spending countless hours clipping coupons, just run to the store! Once you're there, we'll help you find the Manufacturers Coupons for the Products you actually want to purchase. Just sign in to the aMobile Coupon App and select the Store you're shopping in from the short list of Stores we've detected using your geographic location.

Find and Choose a local store

Planning a trip to the store and want to get a head start on your savings? Tell us where you plan to shop and start searching for Manufacturers Coupons! The aMobile Coupon App will save your selected Coupons until you are ready to redeem them.